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Sakkafiba subete yarinaosu

It’s football fever season time again! World Cup 2014 is upon us. I remembered that we did a special promo minisite for 2010’s World Cup. There was so much restrictions and trademark guidelines that we need to follow. No this, can’t use that, blablabla.

So here was the proposed design, though the microsite was unfortunately loooong gone still you could see the screenshots of what it was back then. It was suppose to be in glorious flash since it was the thing in web design back then, but for timeline reason, we simply can only give them html peanuts.

worldcup000 worldcup002 worldcup001 worldcup003

It was so obvious that we can’t even use the word South Africa, so we then have to change it..

worldcup00 worldcup01 worldcup02 worldcup03 worldcup04 worldcup05 worldcup06

After all has been done, I thought it was a nice design to make it into a postcard, and so we did. It was printed in one event which I can’t recall, which was distributed for free. If you’re lucky you’ve had it!


So there you have it! Now, which country are you supporting anyways?