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James Cameron’s Avatar

Scrap everything I planned to post today. I am too excited to review James Cameron’s Avatar movie! No, I haven’t really watch Titanic yet til now so I am not a fan.

It is certainly the movie event of the year! Avatar was incredible, superb, awesome and amazingly spectacular! Did I missed any word? That was my impression while watching it but when it ends, I am astoundingly speechless. It was the most “perfected” movie I have ever known to watch. Now I believe that it really took them 15 years to make.

If you have watched the trailer and you think it was nothing, I’d say you haven’t seen anything yet!

Just to create an unreal world was totally unreal! I mean, it was an amazing adventure to a realistically whole new world. The storyline had everything in it, literally. Whatever movie genre you could think of, love, sci-fi, war, action, etc they have it and compose it very well. Nothing is overdone.

I tried my best to critic on the bad side of the movie but I give up. To me there are none. Yes you could talk about the blue aliens called Na’vi but if they had designed them with one eye or something like that, it wouldn’t be as real for our human mind.

I won’t say much about the special effects, as it was a whole new level beyond imagination. Even though it seems like the Na’vi was all the same, the main characters were differentiate flawlessly. It’s really 15 years worth of a movie and 2 hours 45 mins most worth it of my life.

I feel complete. I’m relieved that now there’s a perfect movie that’s worth putting as my #1 favourite movie in my entire life. Now should I go and watch the 3D version eh?

arashi no senshi

It was way back in 1998 when I watched The Storm Riders. It was good then. This should be my very first review on a Hong Kong movie. It is the anticipated Storm Warriors or as in the Malay-translated comic, Pedang Setiawan!

Not really a fan but I must say, as a designer I like all the artistic elements in the movie. Some heavy abstract graphical sequences caught my attention. It was Striding Cloud’s poses made everything seem very, very cool! The casts were great especially Whispering Wind when he became er something else!











Although it jump-started with action scene, don’t expect too much on the storyline. Even the dialogue was so very little. It was basically a combination of 2 episodes of a TV series joint into a movie. There’s no focus in the movie and there were a lot of plots, as if one plot was not confusing enough?







Somehow I have to admit, the movie is very inspiring and appealing to me in an illustrative graphical eye-candy kind of sense!









oujo to kaeru

Let’s get away from other adventures for a while as I review Disney’s The Princess and the Frog.

Do you still remember the first time you watched a Disney’s animated movie? Most probably Alice in Wonderland or The Jungle Book or maybe my favourite Pinocchio?

If you grew up with Disney’s cartoons, you will sure like this movie very much. It brings back memories as you watch it along the way. Really! I believe the filmmaker achieved this by doing the traditional hand-drawn animation. It may seem like old and outdated but don’t be fooled as they achieve a different level of Disney animated movies.

Anyhow, the storyline is typically Disney good. The scenery and “special effects” was refreshing! Loved the shadow spirits. I will always enjoy the Disney feel good humor from the funny characters. The first two songs make me sleepy though, as they are not my tea. Did I mention the storyline was good? I liked the first-impression-annoying-but-afterwards-lovable Ray’s story in particular. I bet you will too.

This might not be true but in my opinion, the animation was not as smooth as I expected or as I wanted it to be. When I think back, probably when I was younger I wouldn’t mind any details of Disney’s cartoon but as I’m much older now I look things more into details. That’s life I suppose?

You wouldn’t have much to think back then, as we’ll just enjoy anything that we went thru. Obviously that was very opposite from today.

I can imagine the frogs & all characters in this movie gonna be in Disneyland! Wish I would have another chance to go there again!

Now I can’t wait for another Disney movie – Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time.


If you have watched Twilight and liked it then you will love New Moon. Even though the sequel was a bit slow paced, which probably what a love story should be but they explain everything quite detail. I like the storyline. It was nowhere disappointing!

Bella is even hotter in New Moon Everything else, the sound and special effects were just ok. Cinematography was amazingly excellent though. It is best if you have watched the first movie, as you will understand more on the characters and story of course.

All I can say is, I really really REALLY like the ending! Eh?

kiraa ninja

Ninja Assassin was my first English Ninja movie if I’m not mistaken. It was a totally different storyline from a typical ninja epic that I always heard. For me, the plot was unexpectedly interesting. You could say that I was surprised by the storyline. The sound effects were very fresh and mind-blowing. I really loved it!

Apart from that, Rain was ok. You may notice that he doesn’t have much talking scenes, but I guess he improved his English a lot. There are no hot chicks in the movie so you might get disappointed. The very obvious downside was the very obvious fake blood splatter. It was too bright of a red. It was literally a “dark” movie, so I guess they wanted the blood to standout?

This 2 hours movie is best appreciated if you liked The Matrix feel soundtrack, sound effects, blood splatter, gore killings and a very good ninja story telling with a twist.

If you have watched then answer this

When the ninja uses the katana/sword, the sound was like *shoop shiup*
When the blade hits another blade, it goes like this *kching kaching*
How’s the sound like when the blade cut thru a hand?