sayonara oneechan!

I admit somehow I missed my sister already. Even though we did not see each other that much here in KL, you feel your family is near all the time, and you could just meet them anytime you want to. It’s a weird feeling when a family member expatriate to a place faraway. It’s like you lost a piece of puzzle in a jigsaw

Her flight was at 2am so we fetch her to the airport that midnite and say good bye. Hope everything goes well for her and that she’ll be happy.

Good luck and all the best sis. Take care! Don’t forget the iPhone(s) haha

Before going back to the car, there should be a last pose even one person shot!

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ai o kome te kataaru he

It’s actually Hari Raya Haji. Usually we did nothing special but today my mom invited our families and close relatives for a makan-makan doa selamat because it is too small to call “kenduri”

Some might wonder what’s it for. They thought I’m gonna get married Well, as you reached a certain age, there’s this one particular common question that you will hear everytime you meet a relatives – “So, when are you gonna get married?”

Anyhoooowww, today is the day when my elder sister starts a new journey in her life. Stop guessing, it’s not marriage. Congratulations to her on getting a job contract with Qatar Airways! Obviously she will be based in Doha and as for me I want free flight tickets only.

More on this tomorrow. For now, here’s some magic trick from Cyril eh, Cyti eh, Siti! *tepuk tepuk tepuk*

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If you have watched Twilight and liked it then you will love New Moon. Even though the sequel was a bit slow paced, which probably what a love story should be but they explain everything quite detail. I like the storyline. It was nowhere disappointing!

Bella is even hotter in New Moon Everything else, the sound and special effects were just ok. Cinematography was amazingly excellent though. It is best if you have watched the first movie, as you will understand more on the characters and story of course.

All I can say is, I really really REALLY like the ending! Eh?

kiraa ninja

Ninja Assassin was my first English Ninja movie if I’m not mistaken. It was a totally different storyline from a typical ninja epic that I always heard. For me, the plot was unexpectedly interesting. You could say that I was surprised by the storyline. The sound effects were very fresh and mind-blowing. I really loved it!

Apart from that, Rain was ok. You may notice that he doesn’t have much talking scenes, but I guess he improved his English a lot. There are no hot chicks in the movie so you might get disappointed. The very obvious downside was the very obvious fake blood splatter. It was too bright of a red. It was literally a “dark” movie, so I guess they wanted the blood to standout?

This 2 hours movie is best appreciated if you liked The Matrix feel soundtrack, sound effects, blood splatter, gore killings and a very good ninja story telling with a twist.

If you have watched then answer this

When the ninja uses the katana/sword, the sound was like *shoop shiup*
When the blade hits another blade, it goes like this *kching kaching*
How’s the sound like when the blade cut thru a hand?