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James Cameron’s Avatar

Scrap everything I planned to post today. I am too excited to review James Cameron’s Avatar movie! No, I haven’t really watch Titanic yet til now so I am not a fan.

It is certainly the movie event of the year! Avatar was incredible, superb, awesome and amazingly spectacular! Did I missed any word? That was my impression while watching it but when it ends, I am astoundingly speechless. It was the most “perfected” movie I have ever known to watch. Now I believe that it really took them 15 years to make.

If you have watched the trailer and you think it was nothing, I’d say you haven’t seen anything yet!

Just to create an unreal world was totally unreal! I mean, it was an amazing adventure to a realistically whole new world. The storyline had everything in it, literally. Whatever movie genre you could think of, love, sci-fi, war, action, etc they have it and compose it very well. Nothing is overdone.

I tried my best to critic on the bad side of the movie but I give up. To me there are none. Yes you could talk about the blue aliens called Na’vi but if they had designed them with one eye or something like that, it wouldn’t be as real for our human mind.

I won’t say much about the special effects, as it was a whole new level beyond imagination. Even though it seems like the Na’vi was all the same, the main characters were differentiate flawlessly. It’s really 15 years worth of a movie and 2 hours 45 mins most worth it of my life.

I feel complete. I’m relieved that now there’s a perfect movie that’s worth putting as my #1 favourite movie in my entire life. Now should I go and watch the 3D version eh?